Trading various products has been a major part of the Vriddhi Incorporation. The products were imported from India initially and sold in the Nepal market. Today the company is working with more than 20 countries around the world to cater the demands of the market. Vriddhi Incorporation started it trading under two different organizations:  Subhalaxmi Trading and Kumar Impex. The products focused are spices, dry fruits and papers.

Our umbrella companies consist of the following companies:[soliloquy id=”249″]

Subhalaxmi trading 

Established in the year 2008, the company has emerged as a pioneer in trading industry. Within a small span of time, the firm has established itself as a leading player in the Nepalese paper business. It trades in Copier, Maplithos, graphical board, art board, art paper and duplex board. With its presence in Nepal, the company has ensured that there is regular supply of materials for its clients in the market. The firm was also appointed for the entire paper requirements for first constitutional assembly election held in Nepal

Kumar Impex

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Established in the year 1980, Kumar Impex is an active trading company which imports various dry fruits and spices from countries like Singapore, USA, China, Guatemala, India and Indonesia.

Spices products include cumin seeds, fennel seeds, coriander, red chillies, white pepper, black pepper, MSG, saffron. Dry fruits include almonds, pistachio nuts, cashew nuts, cardamom, dry dates, betel nuts and raisins.